Why Blue House Travel?

Blue House Travel is a Thai owned company having started since 2003 as a top leading online travel agency in Thailand under “Hotels2thailand.com”.

We work based on the experience of our founding members in the field of internet and tourism industry. Blue House Travel and its dedicated team of travel business offers clients one-stop solution for the online entire suite of travel and tourism services – domestic attractions, innovative services to clients and intelligent system to hoteliers.

online travel agent (OTA)


Up to 10,000 products in Thailand on website

Hotels2thailand.com is an online travel agent (OTA) offers leisure and business travelers to research, plan and book a range of travel products and services, including hotels, golf, sightseeing, water activities, cruises, and event tickets.

Booking Engine

Booking Engine

“Direct Booking is more competitive between Hotel Brand websites and mobile (25% share) and Online Travel Agencies (Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com — 20% share)”


Web Design & Services

Web Design & Services

Over 13 years of experience in web design and services, our team put the heart into every work and detail from the small individual hotels to big hotel chains.


Let the fun begin and get the best local experience!

www.Tapoma.com, “Online Tourist Attraction Booking”, We offer the customers a variety of excitement and enjoyment in both local and worldwide travel experiences. We provide good products with reasonable prices and trustworthy services like airport transfers, tours, entertainment ticket & pass, day trips, golf courses and many activities to enjoy your holiday.

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Readme before your journey!

“Readme.me” is a website for travel bloggers and travelers, who have the same passion of traveling and enjoying to share their journeys and memorable experiences. Here you can share all about your travel experiences, interesting attractions, accommodation reviews, food reviews and more of untold stories.


Customer Says

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    "We have been working together for more than 6 years....

    "We have been working together for more than 6 years. They have been very helpful and flexible."

    Khun Sanpech Supabowornsthian, Asst. MD of Unchaleewiwat Group (Long Beach Garden Hotel , The Zign Hotel etc.) President of Thai Association Eastern Chapter

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    “Blue House Travel team has been more
    than just a partner but...

    “Blue House Travel team has been more than just a partner but they are more like our team, and provide a great support professionally. We always work together for the better solution”

    Khun Jakkrit Thongbai, Managing Director Wind Mill Resort Pattaya.

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    “Booking2Hotels System can help us
    get more direct bookings.

    “Booking2Hotels System can help us get more direct bookings. The support team is always there when we needed”

    Khun Sakol Rattanasoonthorn, Director of Sales Prince Palace Hotel.

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    “We work with Blue House Travel in many
    projects and always get a good support..

    “We work with Blue House Travel in many projects and always get a good support and cooperation. Importantly, we can maximize our online sales revenue increasingly with their support”

    Khun Sataporn Wattamaetee, Director of Sales Berkeley Hotel Bangkok


Travel Insider Team

Blue House Travel

It’s a fun place to work and where a team is all we need.

We put the heart into every work and detail.

News & Events


  • Blue House Travel
    Travel Planning and Purchasing Has Evolved on Mobile

    As travel planning shifts to mobile, consumers expect to find relevant information faster than ever before. Today, having a fast, easy-to-use mobile experience is critical. And the marketers who provide the best travel websites and apps are more likely to drive bookings and create long-term value.

  • Booking.com Makes Last Minute Travel Easier on Mobile

    "Mobile has fundamentally changed how [people] travel. When we started seeing big changes in mobile behavior, and seeing a lot more people using their mobile at the start of the journey, we had to rethink as a business how we wanted to address those customer needs. Our target customer is really anyone with a travel intent."

  • Blue House Travel
    Travel Trends: 4 Mobile Moments Changing the Consumer Journey

    Travelers face a dizzying number of decisions in the process of planning a trip. Increasingly people are turning to their smartphones for immediate answers to their travel questions. Lisa Gevelber, Google’s VP of marketing, shares how travel marketers can keep up with these new mobile behaviors.

  • Blue House Travel
    New Research Shows How Brands Can Win Travel Micro-Moments

    Google partneres with Phocuswright, a leading independent travel research company, to understand consumer attitudes towards travel planning, decision making, and booking. We surveyed adults who planned at least one vacation in the last year including a flight or accommodation. The research revealed key micro-moments that brands can capitalize on in the decision-making process.

  • Blue House Travel
    Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Inbound marketing focuses on earning, not buying, a person's attention, which is done through social media and engaging content, such as blogs, podcasts and white papers. This content is interesting, informative and adds value, creating a positive connection in the eyes of the consumer, thus making him more likely to engage your brand and buy the product. So it costs less and has better a ROI.

  • Blue House Travel
    Travel Industry Digital and Media Trends

    Direct Booking is more competitive between Hotel Brand websites and mobile (25% share) and Online Travel Agencies (Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor.com — 20% share)” – USDM, DIGITAL CONSULTING BUSINESS INSIGHT MEASURED IMPACT

  • How Mobile Shapes the Customer Journey

    Thanks to mobile, a traveler's decision making process includes more and more micro-moments—when people turn to a device with intent to answer an immediate need. In fact, 40% of the visits to U.S. travel sites now come from mobile devices.

  • Travel Booking Trends Revealed
    in Let's-Book-It Moments

    Mobile has changed the way people book travel. Part four of this six-part series on travel micro-moments dives into the let's-book-it moments that happen after travelers have done their research—and how travel marketers can capitalize on these key conversion moments.

  • 6 travel trends for 2016 that will
    drive the global tourism industry

    As a tour operator or activity provider, you notice travel trends every day. Maybe you’re welcoming more young travellers, British tourists, or foodies on your tours at the moment. However, it’s also beneficial to be prepared for upcoming travel trends. Here are the 2016 travel and tourism trends worth knowing about, as well as how to adapt your tours or activities to take advantage of them.

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